April is Rosacea Awareness Month, and We’re Spreading the Word on Treatment Options

April showers bring willpower–the willpower to fight your Rosacea symptoms!

The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada has dedicated April as Rosacea Awareness Month, and rightfully so: this chronic inflammatory condition affects over three million Canadians, challenging them with physical symptoms, as well as the social and psychological impacts of having a persistent condition that is difficult to hide.Rosacea Redness and Visible Blood Vessels

Rosacea causes facial redness, appearing as if you’re blushing. You may also experience swelling, burning, stinging, roughness, pronounced blood vessels, and acne-like bumps.   

“Nearly three-quarters of rosacea patients have reported low self-esteem”

While we aren’t yet sure what causes or what a cure may be for rosacea, there are options for keeping symptoms under control. First, an at-home strategy: avoid known triggers that may cause a flare-ups. These could be things like sun exposure, alcohol, extreme temperatures, spicy foods and stress.

Second, see us at VMA. Due to our status as Medical Aesthetic provider, we carry medical grade professional products and perform IPL or ‘skin rejuvenation’ treatments that both target symptoms.

Rosacea Close Up

IPL or “intense pulsed light” is a type of light therapy, much like a laser treatment. Both treatments use light energy absorbed by pigment or colour within the skin that then converts to heat, destroying unwanted redness and blood vessels. While laser therapy targets as a more concentrated beam of light, IPL is diffused and therefore great for treating larger areas of the face–perfect for Rosacea.


If you’re looking for a take-home treatment, we also carry ZO® Skin Health and ZO®  Medical products, designed to treat a wide range of skins disorders and chronic conditions, including Rosacea. ZO® recommends a daily skin care regimen for mild cases, and therapeutic treatments such as peels and retinol products to treat those with more severe symptoms.

Learn more about ZO® products here… 

At VMA we offer complimentary consultations, setting time aside to answer any questions you have regarding the services we perform and the products we sell. If you’re considering any of our treatments, we’d be happy to help out. After all, we can think of many better reasons to blush!