John A Denton

Very thorough explanation before, during and after procedure. Great results. Highly recommend this doctor. Well worth the cost.

Hugh Simpson

The experience was superior than I expected, extremely professional and courteous and the EVLT treatment worked very well. It totally healed better than it was, stronger and even better looking!

Bruce White

The entire staff exceeded my expectations and excelled in professionalism along with friendliness which was greatly appreciated and comforting. Maresa, many thanks for providing a map of the area and for assisting us with accommodations. You are all exceptional. Thank you!

Dr Andrew Connolly

I have just completed my EVT treatment for a varicose vein in my lower leg. The results of the procedure have far exceeded my expectations. From my initial contact with your clinic to my final visit I was impressed by your willingness to accommodate me and my schedule; always friendly, always "no problem". Thank-you for making this a very satisfying experience.

Helen MacLeod

I had an excellent experience at this clinic. They exceeded my expectations. I have a remarkable change in my varicose veins.

Dorothy F

I was treated with a pleasant, professional staff. I felt like I had known them my whole life. This puts the person that is having treatments at ease and makes them comfortable. I highly recommend this clinic. I have told others.

Ted Dyker

The pleasant staff and doctors performed above all my expectations for the EVLT procedure. Never before experienced such courtesy, friendliness and professionalism in a doctor's office. Thank you

Bernadette MacCormack

I have used Valley Medical for their many exceptional services. I have been an avid fan of their large variety of compression stockings for years now. Most recently I have been fitted for several of their brace products due to pain from several injuries in the past. I can't believe how that has improved my mobility. I also am a big fan of the skin tightening and brightening treatments. The staff are exceptional and always friendly and helpful. Thanks for the great service!

Gwen T

I was very pleased with my procedure and results. The staff were very friendly and explained everything that was done and very patient with all my questions.

Frank Denis

The EVLT procedure was a great experience all around. I was the first patient my family doctor sent to undergo the procedure. Thanks for everything!

Brian Bezanson

I can't believe the difference compression stockings have made in my life. I suffered from aching, tired legs after working all day on my feet. The girls at the front desk measured my legs and fit me with compression stockings. My legs feel 100% better. They no longer ache at the end of the day or keep me awake at night. Thanks for all the help.

Jordan Sanford

I knew that more than likely I was going to be diagnosed with varicose veins, as they seem to be a reality for almost all the women in my family. Early in my twenties I started to have veins, in one leg in particular, that became larger and as a result I started experiencing discomfort. It was at this time that my mother was seeing Dr. Davidson for her varicose veins. She suggested that I get a referral to see him as well, so I did. Dr. Davidson and his friendly team were so helpful in educating me on the condition, treatment options and preventive steps to take in addressing my veins. Never did I feel pressured into making a decision nor did I feel rushed when asking questions. I made the decision to go ahead with an ultrasound guided treatment of sclerotherapy and I could not be happier with the results. I was able to have the procedure done right in the office and was back to my regular activities in no time. The appearance of my leg greatly improved and I no longer experience the discomfort I had prior to the procedure. Thanks to Valley Medical Aesthetics my leg does not only look better but it feels better too! Due to my wonderful experience I would recommend this clinic time and time again!

K. Keddy

As a full-time working Spa Therapist for the past 14 yrs. I have been on my feet for most of the time. I was referred to Dr. Davidson by my family doctor for the pain I was experiencing in my left leg. During my visit to Dr. Davidson’s office I was informed of the different types of therapy they could do for me with regards to my veins. I choose to have the Sclero Therapy done. I was quite nervous of the procedure but with the help and conversations from his staff I was fully reassured.

The procedure took no time at all and had little to no pain. Afterward, the injection sites were covered with bandages and I put on my compression stockings. I did feel a stinging sensation but nothing that was too uncomfortable, and I was able to walk and work right away. I used to have a lot of pain when I stood for extended periods of time and now the pain is gone. I feel the compression stocking are a must to wear for anyone that stands on their feet all day.

K. Keddy, Spa Therapist, Kentville, Nova Scotia

Karen Dutcher

I have been a client of Valley Medical Aesthetics since September 2010. I drive 5-1/2 hours for my visits. Since I began, Dr. Davidson and the staff have been excellent, caring and informative.

I had both EVLT and sclerotherapy done to both legs at the same time and had amazing results.

I was able to return to normal activities immediately. During treatment there is some pain but well worth it, no down time, no surgery. I would highly recommend anyone with varicose veins to Valley Medical Aesthetics.

K Dutcher, New Brunswick