Compression Stockings

Veins in the legs are supposed to carry blood up toward the heart. But some people have weaker veins and for them the pressure of gravity allows venous blood to pool in the legs. This process is called venous insufficiency and it is very common. It leads to painful varicose veins, swelling, unhealthy skin and even ulceration.


Graduated compression stockings are strongest at the bottom and less so as they go up the leg which presses venous blood into deeper, healthier veins, improves venous circulation and diminishes the symptoms of pain, swelling, aching and heaviness.

We see many patients at our clinic that have been suffering with venous insufficiency and painful varicose veins for years. Once we get them into quality and well fitted compression stockings they tell us that their legs feel better than ever.


Many people benefit from compression stocking even if they don’t have noticeable varicose veins or venous insufficiency such as those that sit or stand still for long periods of time, pregnant women and patients with swelling that may not be due to venous disease (like lymphedema and congestive heart failure).

The vast majority of patients benefit greatly from simple Class 1, knee high compression stockings. There are some situations, such as after venous procedures or with venous ulceration, where higher or stronger stockings can be even more helpful.

MICROFIBER_SHADES_PINK_STRIPEFit and quality are very important for function and comfort so getting measured and advised by trained experts like the staff at Valley Medical Aesthetics is essential. They are experienced and knowledgeable and spend the time necessary to educate patients and guide them through processes like insurance coverage and choosing the right stockings from a variety of high quality brands, styles and colors.

Drop in any time during business hours or call us to find out more about compression stockings. They are definitely not what your grandma used to wear!