About Valley Medical Aesthetics

Valley Medical Aesthetics began with a focus on medical laser treatments for aesthetic improvements to the skin; however, the demand for venous disease treatments as well as cosmetic vein solutions quickly became obvious. Vascular surgeons Dr Dion Davidson and Dr Benjamin Heisler realized that many of their patients desired endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) as an option. EVLT is an ideal solution for many people because there is minimal or no scarring, no anaesthetic, minimal discomfort and a faster recovery time than traditional venous surgeries. Although many people with Chronic Venous Disease (CVD) want to avoid thinking about summer shorts, winter is actually the perfect time to deal with their condition. Compression stockings worn after the procedure are easily hidden and more comfortable in cooler weather.

Patients who walk through the doors usually lead busy lives and would like to quickly resolve their discomfort. The wait times for the vascular surgeons were increasing as emergent patients and surgeries took priority. Previously the wait time to be seen for CVD was over 2 years. An overhaul to the process has ultrasound technicians providing the necessary tests immediately prior the patient’s consultation with the surgeon. Dr Heisler or Davidson are then able to provide options for treatment based on the results of the ultrasound test. Any questions concerning their options can be addressed and the patient is able to decide on a plan with the surgeon. This one visit is able to eliminate 3 or 4 visits for consultation, tests and results. The wait time to be seen for veins has been reduced significantly.

While Valley Medical Aesthetics offers various methods for treating vein problems, they are also passionate about preventative measures.

“Many clients lament that they weren’t aware that they could do something to prevent these unsightly veins earlier,” says Maresa Davidson, the clinic administrator. “We try to educate as many people as we can.”

For those with a family history of venous disease, who stand or sit for long hours and for patients who already have established varicose veins and venous disease, one of the best ways to diminish future vein problems is to wear compression stockings. Four certified compression stocking fitters assist patients with preventative measures including providing expert measuring and fitting of stockings, support and advice regarding their use and help with insurance coverage.

Valley Medical Aesthetics also specializes in skin treatment. Various surface laser treatments are used to remedy skin laxity, cellulite, wrinkles and environmental damage such as sun exposure. Skin conditions such as rosacea and acne can also be improved.

The clinic carries medical grade skin care products for the prevention and correction of issues such as acne, wrinkles and sun damage. Dullness and dryness of skin often accompany the aging process, but various products are available to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. They also carry products that enhance therapeutic treatment of vein conditions; medical cleansers, lotions and supplements which can reduce discomfort caused by CVI.  Every product is supported by reliable and extensive medical research. Valley Medical Aesthetics makes it a priority to find proven solutions to patients’ problems.

Products and treatments are recommended by the combined expertise of the team members. Drs Heisler and Davidson are vascular surgeons (two of only a handful of these specialists in Atlantic Canada) and experts in venous disease. Dr Greg Butler is an interventional and vascular radiologist with decades of clinical and leadership experience in the Annapolis Valley as well as nationally and internationally. All three doctors have had their research published in medical journals and have been invited to lecture at conferences and seminars. They are leaders in venous disease and in educating other medical professionals about its treatment. Three certified ultrasonographers, two certified laser technicians, and four certified compression stocking fitters round out the team. All of the staff participate in ongoing education helping them stay connected to the most recent research and innovation.

Together, these professionals work to provide patients with knowledge, timely service and support.

“We have made it our priority to create the most comprehensive, streamlined and effective medical treatment experience for patients with venous disease,” explains Dr Davidson.

At Valley Medical Aesthetics, patients are valued and their time is respected. Patients are guided through a personalized, comfortable experience.

For most patients, their experience will reduce painful or uncomfortable conditions.  Others will benefit from education and preventative measures. With the help of Valley Medical Aesthetics, patients can get back to enjoying life. Patients can celebrate spring, savour a tropical beach, enjoy a day of golfing or show off a new holiday dress with a renewed sense of confidence.